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In your home, it’s important that everything has its place – and when it comes to storage space, more is always better. Whether you’re sorting through your everyday items or tucking certain things away for a rainy day, when all of your belongings have a place to go back to, home life can be a lot easier to manage. But the storage that you use does not have to be hidden. Here at Steel Vintage, we believe that every area of your home deserves to be celebrated – storage space included! Come with us on a journey through the home as we explore some of our favourite Steel Vintage storage pieces and how they can add to, and transform each room.

Bedroom & Closets

If you keep all your clothing items in your bedroom, having a wardrobe and chest of drawers to keep them in will be normal. But finding new, innovative ways to store your clothes can often shake up the space and give it a new lease of life. Our Warehouse Wardrobe can be a great way to do this. With a strong steel frame that features a clothing rail as well as shelving, this unique piece puts your best garments on display and keeps them framed in its contemporary, minimalist design. With your favourite clothing pieces on display, rather than hidden away behind wardrobe doors, you can fully appreciate what you have and may even be more likely to choose these pieces when it’s time to get ready for the day. Add your best shoes to the lower shelves and you’ll find that this stunning piece can easily become a work of art within your boudoir space.

Hallways & Entryways

First impressions are important. This is why the entranceway of your home should be treated as a room just like any other. It’s here that you will likely keep all of your grab-and-go belongings – your coats, keys and perhaps a box of gloves in the winter – so a practical piece of storage that gives easy access to these is essential. Our Lattice Sideboard provides just that. With open-faced, sturdy shelves and a stunning timber top, it provides a streamlined, easy-access system that won’t overcrowd the space, whilst also being a stunning piece of furniture that will give a great first impression in your home. Easy to adapt to your own family’s needs, be it space for extra shoes or a basket for your bags, this industrial sideboard will add both style and functionality.

Kitchen & Pantries

When it comes to the kitchen, plenty of storage is always desirable. This way you can avoid the tumble of stacked pots and pans or the inevitable search through the utensil drawer for your only potato peeler. Having as much storage space as possible here will make your cooking times a lot less stressful. Our Engineering Sideboard can add some useful extra storage for your kitchen. With its smooth running drawers and a variety of cupboard options, including an open face, it can be configured to your personal kitchen needs. This can be an especially handy item to own if you are living in a rented property where you have to work with what you’ve got – it provides you with much needed extra space that you will be able to transport to your next accommodation too. If you like the look of this design and are looking to restyle your kitchen, take a look at our Workshop Kitchen range for the full range that we can offer for your home.

Lounge & Living Area

In many modern homes, a living area isn’t complete without a television. Often the central piece to any sofa set up, the TV sets the scene for family movie marathons and even just catching up on the latest local news. Depending on what you use yours for, it may come with a few extra appliances that need to find space within your TV area. Our Warehouse TV Stand provides all the space you need for your set up, and then some! With a minimalist design inspired by vintage industrial shelving, this piece of living room storage keeps it simple so that you can have a full view of your arrangement, be it your extensive DVD collection or maybe even a souvenir or two.

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Love these pieces? Take a look at our full range of storage items for the home and beyond, each unique and each able to be manufactured to suit your needs, and remember – your storage should be celebrated!

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