Add a little “gene se qua” through functional steel art

Metal has figured prominently in homes’ interior design for years, especially in spaces that feature a minimalist, industrial, or modular design. In the mid-century modern era, steel and other metals begin to appear to make a statement in form and function. Classic, iconic, and beautiful, steel has endured as a popular decorating choice for decades. The aesthetics of steel can’t be denied and it’s why the material is ideal for a custom sign or piece of wall art.

Using steel in your home

Steel is a durable and strong material that lasts a lifetime, yet can be molded to fit your needs. The timeless versatility of steel decor has made it so popular today for a variety of design styles.  Used in decorating, a piece of steel artwork is an ideal accent. The cool metal will look stunning with dominant and bold colors. However, it also works in white and minimal spaces. From farmhouse to industrial, decorative steel signs complement natural materials like wood and create balance and definition in any environment. Each piece can make a statement on your wall or draw attention to your space. You may even use steel to reflect your interests, background, or beliefs. RealSteel works with steel because of its versatility and ability to adapt to nearly any design. We work with a skilled designer to develop custom wall art that looks great, lasts, and adds a touch of personality.

Longevity in trend

As homeowners look to refresh the look of their home, steel and other metals are leading the way. Many designers are favoring artisan fixtures and decor from local businesses. Steel fits the bill, adding an organic yet urban element to your home. Steel mixes well with other metals, like copper and brass. Unlike some metals, such as nickel or rose gold, steel is timeless and will still look fresh even when you redecorate or update your style.

Designers expect geometric shapes to flourish in 2021 and beyond. Steel is the perfect object to create intricate or simple patterns and shape, adding depth and texture to your home. Mixing and matching steel objects with bold colors or matte finishes creates a subtle sophistication. Steel is also versatile, and steel items work well as complementary objects or as major focal points of the design.

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