Designing Security Bars and Gates to suit your environment

Not the most attractive embellishments on a house, security bars help make you feel more secure from the threat of burglaries. But your home’s curbside appeal can take a dip if you fail to make the windows disappear from view or dress them up a bit, as if they are part of the original design of the house. 
Once you’ve given the outside windows with security bars a facelift, move inside to dress up your window treatments and minimize their effect when looking out

Blending Security Features

One of the best ways to minimize the exterior effect of security bars starts with painting them the same color as the house. Most security bars are black to begin with, so choose a paint — designed for metal — and cover them completely. If you cannot find a paint color to match, find one closest to your house color or the color of your front door or shutters, and use that. Cut out a piece of cardboard or plastic sheeting to fit in the window to protect it from paint splatters or overspray

Introducing Color Enhancements

For the look of an old Tuscan or French village, install flower boxes beneath the windows with security bars. You can install small boxes directly on the metal bars if you attach them securely. Fill the boxes with your favorite flowers or plants. Install contrasting color shutters on either side of the windows to dress up security bars and decorate around windows. Add ivy and train it to go up the bars, but keep it trimmed to avoid it attaching to the house, unless you want it to grow there as well. This also works for basement windows with security bars on them. A flower box in front of the bars makes them practically disappear.

beautifying steel bars

If you chose bars with artistic flair, add a faux wrought-iron decorative element above the iron bars to make it appear as if they were part of the original design of the building. You can also add a half-circle medallion made from metal above the windows to make it appear as if the bars are decorative rather than meant just for security. You can also frame a cornice-type feature above the window and paint it a matching or contrasting color to the house.

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