we have grit

Understanding steel is very important in its geometry considering structural strength & decorative appeal. Being able to mould such a “masculine” medium through forced manipulation from such a rigid state into an almost fluid design brings me great satisfaction. ~Vaz

Using a combination of old school steel working and convenient modern advantages to produce my work such as using the age old fire and heat by hammer striking the  metal blow by blow for that warmer handmade texture but also welding and plasma cutting whatever is necessary. Understanding steel is very important in its geometry in structural strength and decorative appeal  and  how to make it flow through forced manipulation in it regit state. 

& Grind

Headstrong believes in the constant of change and adapts itself to the ever learning process of its journey in addition to using recycled steel as far as possible in our projects to reduce the carbon print on our planet.


With a lick and a promise, we put the metal to our fly rinks and so became physicians in the arts of engineering.  Now we are all Ace high but we can’t keep it to our Apecat selves. We go beak hunting for the packs who can rock a Babbage engine. You will find them grinding steel and heavy lifting in our coop; Where all the Dons make for great wizzards.


We vamp most of our tricks and turns by snatching up the spouts and downing the drains. Scouring the fills for our jewels and heaping up the treasure chests. Breathing new shenanigans into lifeless bones. Spaceships and solar steamers, hammer me mechanisms and rigged falcons. The kinds of Glims and wind ups fit for any twister or Mister.

Structural fabrications

Our structures are designed to overcome various stresses and strains for their objectives. Resistant to both internal (the structure itself) and external factors. Rigs and Gimbals are our forte. Our 15 years of hands on experience offers you security in a volatile environment.

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A rig is a structure that is is built for a particular task whether static or with mechanics for it to perform its task. We help that whole process along, from concept to delivery. Our Rigs have featured within films special effects. We constructed  natural phenomena like Tsunami effects at the CITC  or getting cars to implode, explode or fly off cliffs.

Headstrong Steel Studio 211


A structure that is mechanical at heart. Hydraulics, pneumatics, electric motors or non-mechanical structures that rely on pivots; breathing life and movement into otherwise inanimate objects for multifaceted functioning.  Of course your daily practical trusses and support structures are included. View our Film portfolio.


Minimalistic designs with clean cut geometry and the use of other natural materials. Our decor offers every day practical pieces such as steel cabinets, tables & chairs. We design to enhance any space with the use rustic & industrial characteristics.

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art installations

Swayed more to the abstract side either finding pieces to use in a collaborative design or fabricating it from ground zero. Using singular or mixed mediums from small to larger scale pieces. Your conversations will never bore with either non functional or functional custom designs. Commission us for an art installation or even an outdoor gym. There are no limits here.

bespoke furniture

Bespoke is derived from the verb bespeak, meaning to “speak for something”. Speak for your personal spaces with our industrial or niche styles. Let your decor whisper the sweet nuances of quality and design that encompass your individuality. The message is yours and the furniture can be too.  Contact us for a quote today.

beautified security


From basic straight cut window burglar bars or creatively designed gates of the like, we cover it all. We also cater to your needs for beautiful security option with our enclosures, gates & balustrades.

Burglar bars

Headstrong Steel Studio 109


Headstrong Steel Studio 108


Headstrong Steel Studio 110
Headstrong Steel Studio 218